Hello, personalized food notifications!

February 22, 2018
Jumbo Supermarkten personalized push notifications of the Foodmarkt City-app. This platform is made by SphereMall, making online food ordering fast, fun and convenient for customers thanks to personalization software and 1:1 marketing.

Big Data Day Erasmus University

February 21, 2018
SphereMall joined the Big Data Day at Erasmus University. As part of the Erasmus Recruitment Days, students learned from companies such as SphereMall, KPMG, Dell and Microsoft how they use Big Data in their technological solutions.

Top 10 most reads on digital commerce

February 7, 2018
We celebrate the five-year jubilee of Christian van Someren as a columnist in Twinkle Magazine with a collection of his 10 most read articles on digital commerce to make it easy for you to catch up for free on his inspiring insights.

Graduations at SphereMall

February 5, 2018
Five SphereMall developers graduated at the Faculty of Information and Computer Technology of the Zhytomyr Technological University.

Welcome Zijerveld

January 18, 2018
We welcome Zijerveld & Veldhuyzen B.V., part of Royal FrieslandCampina, on board as one of our new customers.

Fresh fruit at the office

January 15, 2018
We at SphereMall love to work hard, have fun and live healthy. To boost our healthy way of living, we test a fresh fruit box at the office to find out what’s everyone’s personal favorite.

Welcome BeCe

January 11, 2018

We welcome BeCe on board as one of our new European customers.

Must Have 2018: Personalization

December 5, 2017

Personalization will help your online sales grow year over year by improving your customer engagement. 
Learn what three topics will get you started in 2018.

How Jumbo Supermarkten personalized its assortment

November 7, 2017
Jumbo Supermarkten personalized its Foodmarkt City assortment. For the first time in food commerce, customers benefit from personalization software and individual marketing, turning online food ordering into the most 1-1 personal experience.
Time to market was short, within 8 weeks the SphereMall team launched this omnichannel platform. How did we do it?

SphereMall Synaptic Commerce Partner of Intershop

July 3, 2017
SphereMall is Synaptic Commerce Partner of Intershop and launched their first masterclass about personalized commerce. This new partnership enables B2C and B2B users to gain more in return on their investment in Intershop technology. This article tells you how SphereMall and Intershop do that.

Why should you skip persona’s in food and e-commerce?

June 29, 2017
Why should you skip persona’s in food and e-commerce?
Learn today from tomorrows trending topic: let’s put the consumer in the driving seat with SphereMall.

Masterclass personalized commerce

June 21, 2017
Intershop and SphereMall, Synaptic business partner of Intershop, organized the masterclass 'How to achieve true personalized commerce'. Download our summary and watch the aftermovie.

SphereMall showcase on Global E-commerce Summit

June 20, 2017
SphereMall was one of the showcases during the Global E-commerce Summit 2017. This is why.

SphereMall won a golden Dutch Interactive Award

June 2, 2017
SphereMall won a gold Dutch Interactive Award in category Brand with case De Fietser on behalf of Accell Netherlands.
The DIA is a prestigious award for the very best interactive online work in the Netherlands.

Hello Jumbo, welcome to SphereMall

May 22, 2017
Jumbo Supermarkten has chosen SphereMall to build the entire, personalized digital platform for its new shop formula, Foodmarkt City by Jumbo.

SphereMall appoints personal Chief of Science

May 15, 2017
SphereMall appointed prof. dr. Bas Donkers as personal Chief of Science. Discover what SphereMall is up to with their own Chief of Science and data science team in order to develop true personalization in e-commerce.

Why Is SphereMall nominated for the Dutch Interactive Awards?

May 11, 2017
SphereMall is nominated for the  Dutch Interactive Awards 2017. Discover why this high-tech company has been nominated with case "De Fietser" on behalf of Accell-Group and what personalization has to do with it.

SphereMall nominated for a Dutch Interactive Award

April 5, 2017
SphereMall has been nominated for a Dutch Interactive Award for our 'De Fietser' case, part of our project for Accell Group.

Investment for SphereMall

March 1, 2017
SphereMall secures investment with VOC Capital Partners. The company, founded in 2014 by four former Truus.nl employees specialize in developing personalized commerce for websites and webshops in order to improve customer experience.