Must Have 2018: Personalization

Everybody loves to see their online sales grow YoY by 25% or more. And create a better personalized customer experience. But, huge assortments and complex IT landscapes might restrict you. Will this keep you from dreaming and new objectives? We believe you don’t have to. Next years ‘must have’ personalization is the type of innovation that will help you to get more out of your business by improving your customer engagement.

Christian van Someren, founder of SphereMall, explains:
“If you want to improve your business and keep up with competition like Amazon, you must engage with your customers by putting all your effort in understanding their needs and context. This is where personalization comes in. It makes life of retail and consumers more convenient and effective. If you don’t do it, you might not make it.”

What do you need to know about personalization?

Getting your business ready for personalization is defined by three essentials:

  1. Strategize personalization
    If you want to do it right, clarify your ambition on personalization and strategize it first. That +25% will not happen without putting any effort in it. Personalization demands to work flexibly with data and optimization and requires flexibility in parts of your IT landscape. Therefore, to create such an impact on your business results your entire business needs to be involved. Point out what you have to improve and put that into your strategy. If personalization is not a strategy you fail will right from the start.

  2. Build a flexible data foundation
    If you want to offer every consumer relevant personalized product assortments through individual touchpoints, your data (i.e. product and consumer information) needs to be flexible. When content is fixed in structures, like layout and navigation, it’s impossible to deliver consumers a personalized experience. Content that’s not settled in structure, can be shown to anyone, anyway, anywhere. Simply because that content can be replaced instantly with content that has the highest likelihood of relevancy. This maximum flexibility of data and content is used in today’s available personalization technologies.

  3. Shorten your time to market
    Most IT landscapes aren’t made to answer that. They are complex and demanding for your resources. Keeping it that way will keep you from personalization. If you want to show each consumer curated content and benefit from growing business results year over year, you need:
  • The ability to virtually service an infinite number of individual websites.
  • The flexibility to send content to relevant places across your digital platform.
  • The capability to measure and modify that platform as quickly as possible in order to continuously improve on personalization over time.

Dream. Realize. Win.

Personalization software like SphereMall delivers, guides you to realize your dreams and objectives. Our software learns what your customers like, protects them from irrelevant products and helps them find the perfect options. It continuously measures, analyzes and iterates your platform. It consistently supports you working your way towards that perfect personal shopping experience. What’s holding you from more revenue?

Read all about why we get your business ready for personalization.


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