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Personalized Commerce

Our full set of products is what we call our personalized commerce platform. The core of this software suite is formed by our best-of-breed personalization engine, combined with supporting capabilities. Our suite covers all essential capabilities leading to an effective, convenient and personal shopping experience for everyone. Its split up into five products which combined together, turn your business into a scalable and ultra-fast personalized commerce platform:

  1. Data
  2. Content
  3. AI
  4. User interface
  5. Report & analyze


It all starts with a good foundation for data. Heimdall ensures clean and rich data to work with. Because of our gatekeeper Heimdall, existing databases can be integrated with our personalized commerce platform without huge IT interference. Heimdall is the first stop in the entire process to deliver personalized commerce: it does all the necessary pre-work to create behavior-based content.

To realize the finest personalization, e-commerce needs a platform that can morph any digital environment around a consumer. In order to do so, its required to have a database is that can un-structure all types of data from its hierarchy and design, coming from multiple sources. Heimdall is fully equipped to do so. Whether it concerns consumer data or product data, a good foundation services all kinds of content. Including an easy integration which can be developed without huge IT interference.

Heimdall, your gatekeeper for clean and flexible data.


Is it hard to manage your product data? Are you not satisfied with your customer data platform? With Eden as the perfect foundation for creating dynamic, behavior-based content we can help you to enrich your data and to make that process manageable again in an effortless way.

Good quality of data is vital for any form of behavior-based content that is operated by machine learning. We believe personalized commerce is all about connecting relevant data to the individual context of customers in order to enrich their experience of the customer journey. That can hardly be done when you have to work with poor data. We found out how to enrich your data to make it more effective. We created: Eden. In Eden you find yourself the perfect foundation for creating dynamic, behavior-based content. Eden is the place where data is enriched to make it more effective.

Nurture your data and content in Eden.

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Do you like to understand in what phase of the customer journey your visitors are moving around? Would you like to know what content to show them best and what to say or ask to be of help? If so, meet the brain of our personalized commerce platform, Nash.
Nash understands in what phase of the customer journey your visitors are moving around and knows how to act to be of personal assistance. When numbers of customers, products and contact moments are rising to a number where human interaction no longer can keep up with the pace and quality of customer service or human interference is not always necessary anymore because it can be automated, activating Nash enables artificial intelligence to do the thinking and talking.

Activate Nash as your intelligent brainpower and creator of personal product assortments. Let intelligence do the thinking and talking.

User Interface

Thuja is our factory for publishing personal interfaces and touchpoints. It gets its instructions from Nash and the content comes from Eden. All personalized interaction and communication with consumers runs through Thuja.

With Thuja, you can service any touchpoint from just one single personalized commerce platform. Thuja works like a traffic controller: it's sending the right information through the right channel in the right layout and screen format. Nash takes care of what information to display and determines how it should be displayed. Eden is where all information comes from that leaves our world through Thuja. Thuja communicates back and forth to multiple websites, apps, digital advertising channels and devices like a desktop, tablet, mobile or smartwatch. The output could be a message in Whatsapp, on social media, automated newsletters... it's all possible and easy to manage from one environment. Thuja morphs any channel or touchpoint real-time around consumers, displaying personalized pages for everyone. Thuja is what makes consumers experience shopping to be personal, convenient and effective.

Thuja, publication factory for personalized pages.

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Report & Analyze

Tyto is our reporting and analysis environment. In our SphereMall world, everything is continuously measured and analyzed. This data is accessed through Tyto in any form of presentation desired. It generates insights of total business performance and can trigger processes in order to automate a continuous optimization process.

Tyto makes itself and our customers wiser from all information that moves around our platform. We designed Tyto as an all-in-one, easy to use drag and drop dashboard which collects its results from a broad variety of data sources. Basis information from Google Analytics and Pingdom are for example automatically integrated into Tyto. The Customer journey Report continuously run by Tyto works like a live dashboard for our customers informing them about various checkpoints.

Measure, report, analyze, optimize and improve commerce operations, with personal analyst Tyto.

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Our platform determines in what phase of the customer journey your individual customer is moving around. Knowing that we assist them along their journey by showing them tailored pages, containing relevant content that is automatically compiled personally for each different phase.

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