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Do you experience getting insights of total business performance is time-consuming?
Save time and get access to easy-to-understand analytics with Tyto.

What is it?

Tyto is our reporting and analysis environment. In our SphereMall world, everything is continuously measured. This data is acceTyto makes itself and our customers wiser from all information that moves around our platform. We designed Tyto as an all-in-one, easy to use drag and drop dashboard which collects its results from a broad variety of data sources. Basis information from Google Analytics and Pingdom are for example automatically integrated into Tyto. The Customer journey Report continuously run by Tyto works like a live dashboard for our customers informing them about, for example, the following checkpoints:

  • avg. duration of import process of data
  • % of quality of imported data
  • avg. times touchpoint is shown
  • touchpoint CTR
  • avg. amount of sessions till add to basket
  • avg. amount of sessions till checkout
  • avg. order value
  • % of people in different phases
  • avg. time spent in different phases
  • avg. transition between phases
  • avg. transition between phases
  • % session exits in different phases
  • Performance of dynamic content channels

Why do you need it?

Tyto is the starting point for any optimization activity. Tyto helps you to prioritize and use time spent on optimization efficiently. We believe your optimization effort should be focused on areas where it actually contributes most to fulfill your business objectives. For example, Tyto's thorough analyses expose a need for more product data enrichment in Eden. Tyto performs as the initiator of our continuous optimization cycle which we call the MRAO cycle (measure-report-analyze-optimize). 

Special requirements

Sharing insights from Tyto is made simple so no training or knowledge from running analysis is required and can be done independently, instantly. You run reports yourselves: name it, create it, share it and optimize. 

Worth knowing

Tyto is the Latin name for the barn owl and stands for the symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

Digital fingerprinting

Build deeper, relevant 1-to-1 relationships across platforms

With this technology, it is possible to recognize individual visitors of a website or app. We measure each visitor on a set of technical characteristics. The combination of all these characteristics is so unique that it allows identifying an individual. In this way, we don't need to know who this individual person is, while we still can offer an instant personalized experience.

The good thing is that we explicitly show each visitor what information we collect in their personal vault.

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It all starts with a good data foundation.

Be assured of clean and flexible data when you work with our gatekeeper Heimdall.

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Our full set of products is what we call our personalized commerce platform. The core of this software suite is formed by our best-of-breed personalization engine, combined with supporting capabilities. Our suite covers all essential capabilities leading to an effective, convenient and personal shopping experience for everyone. Its split up into five products which combined together, turn your business into a scalable and ultra-fast personalized commerce platform.

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