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Having trouble with static data? Break with old habits, meet Heimdall.

What is it?

Heimdall supervises all incoming data from external data sources. It strips your data from any kind of hierarchy and enriches your data with more relevant information and details. Just think of a house built from Lego. The house itself is a collection of smaller bricks which can be described in smaller parts. These parts all carry different details like color, size, amount, application and functionalities. The more details we can add to every bit of your data, the richer your options grow to use it more precisely and effectively.

How does it work?

Heimdall performs like a gatekeeper between the outside world and our SphereMall world. As a gatekeeper, it's designed to do two things:

It connects various data sources in a one- or a two-way exchange of data information.

It prepares all incoming data information for our technology by turning each data point into what we call 'entities'. During this process, it normalizes all data which is vital creating great product suggestions later on. When Heimdall is ready, the data enters our perfect world which we call Eden.

Why do you need it?

If you want to offer every visitor of your platform a personalized experience, you commit yourself to show them relevant and personalized content only. Content that is in context with the moment, someone's preferences ánd the phase of the customer journey. How can you do that if your data and your design are static? The answer: Heimdall.

Special requirements

Our approach allows us to keep your existing IT landscapes intact as our personalized commerce platform works around it like an add-on to your data systems. We leave your vital data operations intact. Yet, all software updates, adding new products or content or consumer information can continue without any consequences for the operation of Heimdall or other products of our platform. This technological feature allows us to integrate fast without compromising data integrity in your IT landscape.

Worth knowing

Heimdall comes from the Norse mythology. It was said god Heimdall served as watchman of all gods and the sound of his horn could be heard in all worlds.     

Unstructured data

Set the foundation for personalization in every detail

Now you know what Heimdall is, we dive a bit deeper in detail. Unstructured data means the lack of a pre-defined data model. This is one of the fundamental elements in our equation in order to successfully create a 100% personalized world around any consumer.

Removing all structure and hierarchy gives us the opportunity to dynamically build anything we need when we publish information to a consumer. We typically publish from a network structure that is based upon all separate elements, which we call entities. The relationship between all these entities is not pre-defined but based upon the likely relevancy for a consumer in any certain moment of time and context. These likelihoods are calculated by our product Nash. We can put any entity in a network and therefore easily can mix products and any type of content.

Besides that, we can also determine channel specific preferences. So if we know a consumer is using his smartphone, we can easily select all data which is relevant for that specific touchpoint.

Building forward on our foundation of unstructured data, we can morph any digital environment around the consumer.

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