Our world of data information management

Do you desire to have all your customer and product data in one place? Do you believe in a perfect world? Welcome to Eden.

What is it?

Eden is the perfect foundation for creating dynamic, behavior-based content. When it’s hard for a business to manage product data and customer data in their current platform, Eden makes that process manageable again in an effortless way. 

How does it work? 

Good quality of data is vital for any form of behavior-based content that is operated by machine learning. We believe personalized commerce is all about connecting relevant data to the individual context of customers in order to enrich their experience of the customer journey. That can hardly be done working with poor data. Eden is the place where data is enriched to make it more effective.

Special requirements

Zero. With just your corporation, we connect all your data platforms and make it work like one big data machine. 

Why do you need it?

Within Eden complex relationships are easy to create and maintain. Eden comprehends all tools to work with all data. This is what generates our SphereMall magic in every next step in operations. All data managed together in one place improves all communication with consumers and minimizes the go-to-market for any new initiative, improvement or a new publication channel. We believe every single product is of value, therefore all products take part of active requests in every consumer journey. 

Worth knowing

Eden refers to the biblical paradise. It's short for Entity Data ENvironment.

Dynamic menu builder

Simplify product findability with individual infrastructures

Building a personalized webshop or content site should not be limited to a personalized product assortment or content elements.
We can dynamically build the full infrastructure of any site or mobile app based on the preferences, context, and behavior of a visitor. No longer it is needed to make tradeoffs in building a catalog. Every visitor receives the for him most relevant version.
Even during a visit, we can adjust every element of the infrastructure. And this is not limited to the menu alone. Also, facet search blocks and elements can easily be added or (re-)moved.
Your user will benefit from this big time. It will be more easy to find what they are looking for. No longer they will be bothered by irrelevant menu-items and categories. Say goodbye to dead-end streets in your site structure. We move everything in place in such a way that it is relevant for the end-user.
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Christian van Someren
Christian van Someren
Founder & CEO

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Intelligent and personalized marketing automation

Nash understands in what phase of the customer journey your visitors are moving around. Nash knows what content to show them and what to say or ask to be of help.

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Explore our full set of personalization technology

Our full set of products is what we call our personalized commerce platform. The core of this software suite is formed by our best-of-breed personalization engine, combined with supporting capabilities. Our suite covers all essential capabilities leading to an effective, convenient and personal shopping experience for everyone. Its split up into five products which combined together, turn your business into a scalable and ultra-fast personalized commerce platform.

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