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Do you like to understand in what phase of the customer journey your visitors are moving around? Would you like to know what content to show them best and what to say or ask to be of help? If so, meet the brain of our personalized commerce platform, Nash.

What is it?

Nash understands in what phase of the customer journey your visitors are moving around and knows how to act to be of personal assistance. When numbers of customers, products and contact moments are rising to a number where human interaction no longer can keep up with the pace and quality of customer service or human interference is not always necessary anymore because it can be automated, activating Nash enables artificial intelligence to do the thinking and talking.

How does it work?

In short, Nash runs three types of operations:
  1. Building a network of entities around individuals.
  2. Decide what to present in which touchpoint at a particular moment in time, 24/7.
  3. Verifying a broader understanding of someone's personal interests, needs and context by forming hypotheses and testing them by asking explicit and implicit questions to consumers.
Nash builds relations between all data and content in Eden. Machine learning and deep learning learned Nash to decide what products and content to show to consumers to make them happy. And if that isn’t clear straight away, Nash knows what questions to ask, implicit or explicit, to get better acquainted with somebody in order to say or display just the thing what is of help. 

Why do you need it?

Simply compare Nash with common in-store personal sales advice made digital. Similar to elusive processes in our brains, Nash is invisible to the eye, yet crucial in the background for all operations in our platform. It applies a huge set of the newest AI technology to come to its wisdom. Nash works like an autonomous, self-interfering brain: it absorbs knowledge and information, taking it into consideration and decides what to do next. Nash's input comes from all user interaction data that runs through Eden, including consumers preferences and online behavior too. Anonymously or identified if agreed by the consumer. The result of Nash is seen in our user interface, Thuja.

Special requirements

The science behind Nash are various tailormade algorithms we develop for Nash are invented and built in-house which makes us unique in the world of personalization pioneers.

Worth knowing

Nash is named after the late John Forbes Nash Jr., the American mathematician who fundamental contributed to game theory, economic and mathematic sciences.

Site morphing

Deliver real-time 1-to-1 personalized online experiences instantly

Site morphing... where 100% personalization comes to life!
Based on personal needs, preferences, moment, context and behavior of a visitor the SphereMall suite can fully morph a website. And with fully, we really mean fully. From structure to content and from products to images. This way every visitor experiences a personalized website. This is done blazingly fast and therefore not noticeable for the end user.

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Christian van Someren
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Thuja is our factory for publishing personal interfaces and touchpoints.

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