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Our publication factory for personal interfaces and touchpoints

Are you dreaming of publishing personal interfaces and touchpoints? Dreams can come true, meet Thuja.

What is it?

Thuja is our factory for publishing personal interfaces and touchpoints. It gets its instructions from our intelligent brainpower called Nash and all content comes from our content management engine Eden. All personalized interaction and communication with consumers runs through Thuja.

How does it work?

With Thuja, you can service any touchpoint from just one single personalized commerce platform. Thuja works like a traffic controller: it's sending the right information through the right channel in the right layout and screen format. Nash takes care of what information to display and determines how it should be displayed. Eden is where all information comes from that leaves our world through Thuja. 

Why do you need it?

Thuja communicates back and forth with multiple websites, apps, digital advertising channels and devices like a desktop, tablet, mobile or smartwatch.  The output could be a message in Whatsapp, on social media, automated newsletters... it's all possible and easy to manage from one environment. Thuja morphs any channel or touchpoint real-time around consumers, displaying personalized pages for everyone. Thuja is what makes consumers experience shopping to be personal, convenient and effective.

Special requirements 

There are no special requirements. We deliver you also the design for your applications to ensure the most convenient and effective presentation of personalized pages.

Worth knowing

Thuja is a conifer, also known as the tree of life. In the SphereMall world, Thuja flourishes in the garden of Eden because of its fertile soil.

1:1 marketing

Build lasting customer loyalty based on personal context and relevance

The dream of every marketeer. Having a 1:1 relationship with any of your customers ánd your potential customers.

1:1 marketing is a complex game. Especially when your business has millions of individual customers.

Our entity approach to managing products, content, and customers allows us to mold a world around any individual user. It is best compared with an unlimited pile of LEGO pieces with which we can build literally anything needed to serve the customer's needs.

From here we can publish into any channel the right message at the right time. Not by applying business rules, but with sheer intelligence from our product, Nash. We can combine products and content in any channel, for example in an email. Based on the current context of the consumer we select the entities with the highest probability at that moment. Relevancy is continuously measured and adjusted based on the consumer's behavior.

Blunt tools like remarketing can be sent away to the past. No more chasing and bashing of consumers with irrelevant messages with the hope that they will act. The strong increase in relevancy of your marketing messages will be reflected in a strong increase of your average Customer Lifetime Value and increased marketing effectiveness.

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Christian van Someren
Christian van Someren
Founder & CEO

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