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Jumbo Supermarkten introduced a new shop formula in 2017; Foodmarkt City by Jumbo. This store format contains about 4.000 products from ready-to-eat meals to daily groceries. To overdeliver customers' expectations every day, Jumbo continuously is in search of new technologies and innovations. The desire to complement online food ordering at Foodmarkt City with new technologies, like 1-to-1 marketing and scalable solutions for personalization, led the way to the personalization software suite of SphereMall.

SphereMall created a full digital food ordering experience, extended the in-store shop experience through digital touchpoints to build a stronger customer engagement. Launched together with the opening of their first store, this platform marks the start of personalized commerce in food retail.


Personalizing assortment for Foodmarkt City basically works like this:
We work with unstructured data, making it possible to enrich products with more detail to create connections and correlations between personal and behavioral data of consumers and the assortment, offering personalized product suggestions in the app.
We built a modular environment, running from a single data source, separated from the app's layout to run personal navigation and product information instantly. We provide a personal onboarding process in the app to enable putting someone's preferences in the center of all digital operations. Providing access for consumers to be in full control of their personal data is part of personalization too.


Online food ordering is made fast, fun and convenient with SphereMall for three reasons:
Customers benefit from sharing personal data by receiving real-time product suggestions. SphereMall secures full-time transparency on privacy and applying personal data by giving consumers the lead in what to save and use. Customers receive mobile push notifications with individual contextual messages like special offers that match their taste, preferences, and context. Our client experiences a short time to market to release new assortment, prizes or coupons. Deploying new functionalities and content updates are free from unnecessary releases. Delivering speed, simplicity and flexibility are where our software suite is built for.


Jumbo is the number two food retailer in The Netherlands and is in pursuit of becoming the number one e-commerce player in food. Their new store concept, Foodmarkt City by Jumbo, is a beautifully sorted shop, that offers fresh meals besides frequently purchased groceries. Open kitchens inside the shop prepare daily fresh hot or cold sandwiches, salads, juices, pizzas, and sushi. Customers can order freshly prepared meals for delivery, pick up or consumption inside the store.

We are all about personalization. Let's get personal!

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