Big Data Day Erasmus University

Last week SphereMall, together with companies as KPMG, Dell and Microsoft, participated in the Big Data Day at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. As part of the Erasmus Recruitment Days, students from Master degree programs such as Econometrics, Business Information Management, Economics and Business Economics learned new theory and practical knowledge about how companies such as SphereMall use Big Data in their technological solutions.

Our Data Scientist Monique and Product Owner Matt challenged the students with a fictional case of a candy retailer to find out what data can be used to personalize the world of their consumers within e-commerce. The goal of personalization is to guide consumers as optimally as possible in their customer journey so that they can convert more, spend more and return for new purchases. Using data from the candy retailers dataset, students worked out what user needs of consumers exist within e-commerce and related them to relevant moments within the customer journey.

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