Matt Hamers

Product Owner

As the fourth employee, I started at SphereMall in 2015. Because I was hired in an early stage of the company, I have learned a lot about the growth we have experienced. Within the SphereMall team there is a very good chemistry which has not changed after the team expanded. It is really special to see how everyone very passionately works with the same SphereMall-principles.

Consumer is focus point
Within SphereMall we have an innovative approach on building software solutions regarding ecommerce in which the focus point is not the technological innovation, but the consumer. This pragmatic approach saves a lot of money and energy, which we can put in software solution which are useful for the consumer. This makes my function as Product Owner at SphereMall really interesting.

I was raised in an enterprising family where hard work and commerce were natural habits. This in combination with my passion for technology makes that I feel really at ease in the world of ecommerce.

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