Investment for SphereMall

SphereMall has raised investment funding from VOC Capital Partners. The company founded by Christian van Someren in 2014, together with three former employees focus on personalization for sites and online stores to achieve better customer experience. The investment will be used for growth. "This investment creates growth, growth, growth," said van Someren, "growth of the team, accelerated development of the product and expanding SphereMall around the world." 

"The investment from VOC Capital Partners accelerates my ambition to change the world for (online) shopping. After not being able to get continued funding for, this was a pretty big emotional step for me. With this investment, the company now has all the ingredients to realize our vision. I know that everything I want is technically possible," said van Someren. "With this capital, we can further develop and optimize our product."

SphereMall: the best cure for overload

The proprietary intelligence software from SphereMall ensures that consumers will only see those products that suit them best, based on behavioral and emotional preferences. It is the best antidote against the information and product overload that you experience in many webshops. The consumer does not have to search anymore, instead, the most relevant products will be offered automatically. For example, in an online candy store, the algorithm learns that the visitor takes a liking to chocolate. Using click behavior and the answers to a few personal questions, the software will not only show the visitors their favorite flavor but also surprise them with an unknown chocolate bar. One that corresponds exactly to their needs. (Watch the introduction video of SphereMall here)

Growth SphereMall

In the last two years, SphereMall has grown as start-up and has achieved profitability. The expansion of the team is in full swing and the company is ready to attract new clients in the Netherlands. "Out of every industry, we want to personalize one shop. And because of our preparations during the past period, we are now able to grow with three new customers per month." Says van Someren. "The mindset "We're builders, not bankers” together with the knowledge and experience that VOC Capital Partners brings, makes it the party with which we can achieve further growth."

Jan Willem Gerritsen, founding partner of VOC Capital Partners along with Jan-Niek de Groot and Pieter Schoen, about the investment: "The combination of a strong personalization-solution and a growing need in the market speaks highly to us. In addition, the following always applies to me "the person comes before the business”, and SphereMall has a very experienced and innovative team."

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