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Create competitive advantage with personalization

Is your business growing? Are you running out of options to improve your commerce?
Excel in relevance with personalization.

Our platform determines in what phase of the customer journey your individual customer is moving around. Knowing that we assist them along their journey by showing them tailored pages, containing relevant content that is automatically compiled personally for each different phase. Being the experts on personalization, we guide your business through every stage of building a future-proof foundation for your long-term business objectives that meet your ambition. Learn how you benefit from world's newest solutions for personalized commerce, behavior-based content and predictive promotions. Stay ahead of competition, take the lead.

Personalized commerce

Deliver the most personalized and effective shopping experience 1:1

Is your SEO in order? The customer journey well organized? Are SEA spendings under control?
If NOT, we can help. If YES, it's time for personalized commerce!

Personalized commerce offers every shopper a unique, tailored customer experience and it makes the individual shopper convert more easily, spend more and is faithful. When your SEO is in order, the customer journey is well organized and SEA spendings are under control, the next step to stay ahead of the competition and to grow faster than the market is called: personalized commerce. It contains the use of dynamic content, personalized pages, recommendations and predictive promotions.

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Behavior-based content

Display the right content, at the right moment at the right place

With behavior-based content, you can be sure that every bit of content published is truly relevant to your customers.
Make the customer journey more convenient and effective.

Consumers see a lot of content every day. They get in touch with content through all sorts of touchpoints like apps, emails, websites, billboards, advertisements or newsletters. Your business can convert more by showing information and assortment that matters to your customers personally.

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Predictive promotions

Determine the phase of the customer journey, publish tailored triggers

Guide your customers to the products they are looking for. Inspire them and help them to plan, shop and enjoy your brands and products. Bring focus in the customer journey.

Personalized commerce requires marketing that delivers real-time, relevant, in context communication to every one of your customers. Unlimited by the number of touchpoints. Our 1:1 marketing is fully automated based on personal profiles and behavior which results in real-time personalized triggers, notifications, and messages.

How our marketing automation assist your customers >>

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