Predictive promotions

Publish tailored triggers, guide your customer through the journey

Personalized commerce requires marketing that delivers real-time, relevant, in context marketing communication and automation to every consumer. Unlimited by the number of touchpoints. This is where predictive promotions come in. Our AI can determine in what phase of the customer journey your customers are moving around. Knowing that it can publish tailored triggers and messages to help the customer to the next phase of their shopping experience. Our AI assists your customers with in-context-promotions at the right time and the right touchpoints. This type of individual marketing is fully automated based upon personal profiles and behavior. You benefit increased conversion, revenue and average order value.

Key capabilities

Of our predictive promotions

Our predictive promotions include the following capabilities:

  • Automated 1:1 marketing
  • Personalized push notifications
  • AI driven marketing campaigns
  • Audience building for publication channels
  • Campaign management & tracking
  • Channel management
  • Cross-channel customer tracking
  • Email automation
  • Integration with Google Adwords

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About personalized commerce

Personalized commerce offers every shopper a unique, tailored customer experience because it makes the individual shopper convert more easily, spend more and is faithful. When your SEO is in order, the customer journey is well organized and SEA spendings are under control, the next step to stay ahead of the competition and to grow faster than the market is called: personalized commerce. It contains the use of dynamic content, personalized pages, recommendations and predictive promotions.

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