Behavior-based content

Optimize all content along the customer journey

There’s revenue hidden in your content. Our algorithms and intelligence will give you a better understanding of your individual customer. You can become a virtual personal shop assistant for your customers and suggest products they like, protect them from irrelevant products and inspire them with new products. Optimization of the customer journey with personalized recommendations and behavior based content results in increased conversion, AOV and revenue is within reach.

What makes content, behavior-based?

Behavior-based content is content displayed in the right context and moment for every consumer personally. Instead of static content, our e-commerce platform works with content that constantly can adjust itself based on behavior, preferences, and interests of your customer. Every time a person visits one of your touchpoints.

Behavior-based content... where 100% personalization comes to life

Your customers will enjoy this type of tailor-made content big time. Simply because personalized content makes it so much easier for them to find what they are looking for. No longer they will be bothered by a fixed catalog, irrelevant menu-items, and categories. Say goodbye to dead-end streets in your site structure. SphereMall moves everything in place in such a way it is relevant for your customers. Our personalization intelligence and technology can dynamically build the full infrastructure of any site or mobile app based on the personal preferences, context, and behavior of a single person. Every visitor of a touchpoint receives the for him most relevant version. Even during a visit any element within the infrastructure can be adjusted. And this is not limited to the menu alone. Also elements like search blocks which can easily be added or (re-)moved.

Dynamic content database: the engine to personalize content

Did you know that the 'C' in CMS stands for Content? Most people nowadays think that a CMS is where you manage your website. SphereMall delivers CMS as it should be. We separate content from layout’ing in order to gain full control and flexibility of the experience. With one CMS for all publication channels, companies have control over all content in one place. Compose pages with different content elements and determine what content to display on what device.

Sitemorphing: real-time 1-to-1 personalized pages

Based on personal needs, preferences, moment, context and behavior of a consumer our platform can fully morph applications like a website. And with fully, we really mean fully. From structure to content and from products to images. This way every visitor experiences a personalized website. This is done blazingly fast and therefore not noticeable to your customers.

Key capabilities

Of our behavior-based content

Our engine for the most convenient, effective and personalized shopping experience in the world is designed to obtain true personalization from one platform, build with functional components like:

  • 100% site morphing on content, layout and product catalog
  • Automated individual communication
  • Emotional profiling of consumers
  • Full consumer access and control on personal data with individual vaults
  • Individual preferences matrix integration with offline channels
  • Recognition of individuals, including anonymous, by digital fingerprinting
  • Personalized assortment displayed on multiple applications and touchpoints

Our platform includes the following capabilities to deliver personalization:

  • Automated workflow
  • Complex relationship structures
  • Dynamic & contextual field building
  • Dynamic data model extension including attribute creation
  • Dynamic profile based content
  • Full control over all text elements including buttons
  • Live editing mode
  • Modular page building
  • Multiple publications like web solutions, mobile, API, based on one source
  • Performance driven content enrichment
  • Publication of high performing frontend solutions
  • Channel-specific management
  • Search friendly URL's
  • URL rewrite
  • WYSIWYG-editor

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