One software suite, countless personalized experiences

Unstructured data

Set the foundation for personalization on scale

Unstructured data means the lack of a pre-defined data model. This is one of the fundamental elements in our equation in order to successfully create a 100% personalized world around any consumer. Removing all structure and hierarchy gives us the opportunity to dynamically build anything we need when we publish information to a consumer. We typically publish from a network structure that is based upon all separate elements, which we call entities. The relationship between all these entities is not pre-defined but based upon the likely relevancy for a consumer in any certain moment of time and context. These likelihoods are calculated by our product Nash. We can put any entity in a network and therefore easily can mix products and any type of content. Besides that, we can also determine channel specific preferences. So if we know a consumer is using his smartphone, we can easily select all data which is relevant for that specific channel. Building forward on our foundation of unstructured data, we can morph any digital environment around the consumer.

Dynamic content

Simplify product findability with individual infrastructures

Building a personalized webshop or content site should not be limited to a personalized product assortment or content elements. We can dynamically build the full infrastructure of any site or mobile app based on the preferences, context, and behavior of a visitor. No longer it is needed to make tradeoffs in building a catalog. Every visitor receives the for him most relevant version. Even during a visit, we can adjust every element of the infrastructure. And this is not limited to the menu alone. Also, facet search blocks and elements can easily be added or (re-)moved. Your user will benefit from this big time. It will be more easy to find what they are looking for. No longer they will be bothered by irrelevant menu-items and categories. Say goodbye to dead-end streets in your site structure. We move everything in place in such a way that it is relevant for the end-user.

Digital fingerprinting

Build deeper, relevant 1-to-1 relationships across platforms

With this technology, it is possible to recognize individual visitors of a website or app. We measure each visitor on a set of technical characteristics. The combination of all these characteristics is so unique that it allows identifying an individual. In this way, we don't need to know who this individual person is, while we still can offer an instant personalized experience.

The good thing is that we explicitly show each visitor what information we collect in their personal vault.

1:1 marketing

Build lasting customer loyalty based on personal context and relevance

The dream of every marketeer. Having a 1:1 relationship with any of your customers ánd your potential customers.

1:1 marketing is a complex game. Especially when your business has millions of individual customers.

Our entity approach to managing products, content, and customers allows us to mold a world around any individual user. It is best compared with an unlimited pile of LEGO pieces with which we can build literally anything needed to serve the customer's needs.

From here we can publish into any channel the right message at the right time. Not by applying business rules, but with sheer intelligence from our product, Nash. We can combine products and content in any channel, for example in an email. Based on the current context of the consumer we select the entities with the highest probability at that moment. Relevancy is continuously measured and adjusted based on the consumer's behavior.

Blunt tools like remarketing can be sent away to the past. No more chasing and bashing of consumers with irrelevant messages with the hope that they will act. The strong increase in relevancy of your marketing messages will be reflected in a strong increase of your average Customer Lifetime Value and increased marketing effectiveness.

Site morphing

Deliver real-time 1-to-1 personalized online experiences instantly

Site morphing... where 100% personalization comes to life!
Based on personal needs, preferences, moment, context and behavior of a visitor the SphereMall suite can fully morph a website. And with fully, we really mean fully. From structure to content and from products to images. This way every visitor experiences a personalized website. This is done blazingly fast and therefore not noticeable for the end user.

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