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The full set of our products is what we call our SphereMall Personalized Commerce Shell. The core of this software suite is formed by our best-of-breed personalization engine, combined with supporting capabilities. Our suite covers all essential capabilities leading to an effective, convenient and personal shopping experience for everyone. Its split up into five products which combined together, turn your business into a scalable and ultra-fast personalized commerce platform.

Meet Heimdall, Eden, Tyto, Nash and Thuja!


Our gatekeeper for all data

What is it?

Heimdall supervises all incoming data from external data sources. It normalizes data and frees it from its hierarchy into so-called 'entities'. 

How does it work?

Heimdall performs like a gatekeeper between the outside world and our SphereMall world. As a gatekeeper, it's designed to do two things:

  1. It connects various data sources in a one- or a two-way exchange of data information.
  2. It prepares all incoming data information for our technology by turning each data point into what we call 'entities'. During this process, it normalizes all data which is vital creating great product suggestions later on. When Heimdall is ready, the data enters our perfect world which we call Eden.

This approach allows us to keep existing IT landscapes intact as our SphereMall Personalized Commerce Shell works around it like an add-on to your data systems. Your vital data operations stay intact. Software updates, adding new products, content or consumer information can continue without consequences for any operation in our Shell. It allows us to integrate fast without compromising data integrity in an IT landscape. 

Its name

Heimdall comes from the Norse mythology. It was said god Heimdall served as watchman of all gods and the sound of his horn could be heard in all worlds.      


Our world of data information management

What is it?

Eden is what we call, the perfect world for data information management. It goes far beyond product information management and includes content and user information as well. In Eden, we manage data by what we call entities. The more information is added to an entity, the better it can be related and weighed in an active consumer search. 

How does it work? 

Eden accommodates all content necessary to build any personalized application. Yes, ALL. So think of any product, customer profile, text, photo, illustration, logo, ticket, video, coupon, attachment and so on. Eden divides all these types of content into unique entities. Eden enriches these entities with even smaller parts of relevant information and specifications, we call attributes. Think of specifying attributes like price, weight, size, color, packing content, packing amount, type of packaging. But also descriptive attributes like application and usage. The number of attributes is unlimited and flexible. They can be added at any moment in time thanks to our use of unstructured data. 
Eden also enriches content like products with synonyms and related words to empower good semantics for future search requests. Splitting up and enriching products as detailed as this facilitates the establishment of associated relationships between products, but also between products and consumers. Within Eden complex relationships are easy to create and maintain. 
Eden comprehends all tools to work with these richly enriched entities. This is what generates our SphereMall magic in every next step in operations. 
All entities managed together in one place improves all communication with consumers and minimizes the go-to-market for any new initiative, improvement or a new publication channel. We believe every single product is of value, therefore all products take part of active requests in every consumer journey. 

Its name

Eden refers to the biblical paradise. It's short for Entity Data ENvironment.


Measure. Report. Analyze. Optimize. Grow!

What is it?

Tyto is our reporting and analysis environment. In our SphereMall world, everything is continuously measured. This data is accessed through Tyto in any presentation form you would wish. It also generates insights of your total business performance and can trigger processes in order to automate your continuous optimization process. Tyto makes you and itself wiser from all information that moves around our Shell. 

How does it work?

Tyto performs as the initiator of our continuous optimization cycle which we call the MRAO cycle (measure-report-analyze-optimize). We believe your optimization effort should be focused on the area where it actually contributes most to reaching your business objectives. Tyto helps you to prioritize and use your time efficiently, supporting your business objectives. 
For example, you can use Tyto's thorough analyses to expose the need for more product data enrichment in Eden. It is the starting point for any of your optimization activities. Tyto comes as an easy to use drag and drop dashboard and builds on a broad variety of data sources. Mainly from SphereMall's measure services but also from tools like Google Analytics or Pingdom. What insights on what KPI or business objective would you like to see?
You name it, you create it, you share it. And of course, you optimize in order to reach your goals! 

Its name

Tyto is the Latin name for the barn owl and stands for the symbol of knowledge and wisdom.


Our intelligent brainpower, creator of personal product assortments

What is it?

We see Nash as the brains of the Shell. Nash builds the relations between all entities in Eden. From here we know what is needed to suggest exactly those products that make an individual consumer happy. Simply compare it with in-store personal sales advice made digital. Similar to elusive processes in our brains, Nash is invisible yet crucial for all operations in our Shell. It applies a huge set of AI technologies to come to its wisdom. The science behind and algorithms we develop for Nash are invented and built in-house which makes us unique in the world. 

How does it work?

Nash works like an autonomous, self-interfering brain: it absorbs knowledge and information, taking it into consideration and decides what to do next.
Nash's input comes from all user interaction we can measure. It is applied to the available entities in our data information management product, Eden.
So, this includes consumers preferences and online behavior too.

The result of Nash is seen in our user interface, Thuja. This is where Nash runs three operations:

  1. Building a network of entities around individuals.
  2. Decide what to present in which publication channel at that moment in time.
  3. Verifying a broader understanding of someone's interests, needs and context by forming hypotheses and testing them by asking explicit and implicit questions to consumers. 

Its name

Nash is named after the late John Forbes Nash Jr., the American mathematician who fundamental contributed to game theory, economic and mathematic sciences.


Our publication factory for personal interfaces and touchpoints

What is it?

All personalized communication with the consumer goes through our product Thuja. It publishes personalized information and interfaces in every touchpoint throughout the customer journey. Thuja morphs any channel real-time around consumers with individual interfaces for each consumer, changing the game of displaying product information and content in a personal, convenient and effective way.

How does it work?

Thuja works like a traffic controller: it's sending the right information through the right channel in the right layout and screen format. Nash takes care of what information to display and determines how it should be displayed. Eden is where all information comes from that leaves our world through Thuja.
Thuja communicates back and forth to multiple websites, apps, digital advertising channels and devices like a desktop, tablet, mobile or smartwatch.
The output could be a message in Whatsapp, on social media, automated newsletters... it's all possible and easy to manage from one environment.
You can service any channel from this single personalized commerce platform we call our Shell. 

Its name

Thuja is a conifer, also known as the tree of life. In the SphereMall world, Thuja flourishes in the garden Eden because of its fertile soil.

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