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Royal Ahrend is an international project designer specialized in delivering contemporary and highly sustainable office lifestyles to business end-users around the world in education, healthcare, and retail environments. With offices in more than 25 countries on five continents, including China, Russia, and Dubai, Ahrend is the leading international supplier. In search of new online B2B and B2C sales opportunities, they got in touch with SphereMall.

SphereMall helped Ahrend to make their landscape more lean in order to decrease the time-to-market of new digital, personalized initiatives and making it more effective. Meet the first B2B & B2C personalized commerce suite for office furniture.


  • One data source designed to publish relevant product suggestions on multiple applications
  • Provide an integrated B2B platform and a personalized direct to consumer platform
  • Implement overarching customer profiling to initiate personalized commerce instantly


  • Saving time and money with an easy to maintain technical platform
  • Short time to market further functionalities or applications
  • Personalized B2B and B2C sales channels

About Royal Ahrend

Since 1896, several generations have made Ahrend the beautiful company and market leader it is today. Ahrend is famous for its office furniture and its dutch design like the Revolt and Result chair. Their products and projects are school examples of ergonomics, functionality and design and the result of their knowledge, craftsmanship, and passion.


Discover our solutions and gain competitive advantage

Is your business growing? Are you running out of options to improve your commerce? Excel in relevance with personalization.
Our platform determines in what phase of the customer journey your individual customer is moving around. Knowing that we assist them along their journey by showing them tailored pages, containing relevant content that is automatically compiled personally for each different phase.

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