Access to personalized online shopping on scale

We offer a robust and stable e-commerce solution with a broad set of features that support the ultimate goal: personalized commerce. Our architecture based on microservices allows a blazing fast implementation and ultimate scalability. The SphereMall Commerce Solution is powerful enough to run large e-commerce sites. We have replaced multiple Magento installations and are proven stable and scalable up to € 100 mio+ revenue. Our e-commerce solution is recognized for its user-friendliness of the management environment.

The SphereMall team has its roots in e-commerce and has operated large e-commerce operations. We know what matters and what is needed to successfully operate an online shop. This can be recognized both in our product and our approach.

The SphereMall Commerce Solution includes following functionalities:

  • Automated order flow
  • Customizable invoice
  • Dynamic behavior based facet search
  • Dynamic product catalog
  • Dynamic menu builder
  • Multi-basket
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-pricing tiers
  • Multi-payment gateways
  • Multi shipment providers
  • Multi-VAT
  • Multi-wish list


In full control of product information management

Get ready for the personalized web! Bringing consumers and products together is the foundation of e-commerce. The better the match between the consumer and the presented products, the higher the likelihood a person will buy something. SphereMall, therefore, takes products as the starting point for all their personalization routines. Personalization and personalized commerce demand full control of product information. Not only to better inform the consumer about a product but also to create rich relationships between products, categories, and product groups.

Besides providing best-in-class PIM functionalities, that are on par with dedicated solutions like InRiver, we distinguish ourselves by building the foundation for the personalized web. Product information in the SphereMall world exceeds descriptive information. We enrich products based on emotional factors this allows us not only to link products to each other but also to the real-world context. Is it raining? We know what products are relevant. 

The SphereMall Product Manager includes following functionalities:

  • Automated workflow
  • Channel-specific management
  • Complex relationship structures
  • Create virtual products
  • Dynamic & contextual field building
  • Dynamic data model extension including attribute creation
  • Performance driven content enrichment


Your fuel to personalize content on scale

Did you know that the 'C' in CMS stands for Content? Most people nowadays think that a CMS is where you manage your website. SphereMall delivers CMS as it should be. We separate content from layout’ing in order to gain full control and flexibility of the experience. With one CMS for all publication channels, companies have control over all content in one place. Compose pages with different content elements and determine what content to display on what device.

The SphereMall Content Manager includes following functionalities:

  • Dynamic profile based content
  • Full control over all text elements including buttons
  • Live editing mode
  • Modular page building
  • Multiple publications like web solutions, mobile, API, based on one source
  • Publication of high performing frontend solutions
  • Search friendly URLs
  • URL rewrite
  • WYSIWYG-editor

Report & analyze

Get insights to drive your business objectives and YoY growth

The Measure-Report-Analyze-Optimize cycle is at the core of our solution. We know that the digital world is changing rapidly and that there will always be room for improvement. The only way forward is based on data insights.

You are in full control of all your business needs with direct access to our own R&A product Tyto. Create and customize complex reports yourself, made easy and efficient. Just drag and drop what KPI you want to get insights from. Analyses drive the continuous optimization cycle in our full suite.

The SphereMall Report & Analyze environment includes following functionalities:

  • Advanced reporting methods
  • Custom KPI reports
  • Data visualization for big data
  • Marketing channel reports
  • Offline tracking heatmap
  • Report on demand
  • Report-to-action function throughout our suite
  • Sales report
  • Sales funnel report (with abandonment per step)
  • Tax report

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