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Accell Nederland develops, produces and sells bicycles and parts of their brands like Batavus, Koga, Loekie, Sparta. Accell Nederland is part of Accell Group, European market leader in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Finland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. In 2016, approximately 1.5 million bicycles were sold and a turnover of more than € 1 billion was realized. They shared their desire to empower personal advice on Accell brands and bikes at local dealers with SphereMall. And searched for ways to reduce marketing cost by improving targeting consumers consistently based on their personal needs and preferences.

This led to the launch of an overarching brand called 'De Fietser'. This includes a digital platform and an Experience Center in Ede (The Netherlands). In order to enable a personalized customer approach, Accell decided to implement the SphereMall Personalized Commerce Shell. Together we create a uniform personalized shopping experience for every touchpoint at dealers, brand sites, De Fietser site, app and Experience Center. The ultimate goal is a personalized brand overarching B2C omnichannel platform for new bikes.


  • One central platform servicing multiple applications and touchpoints
  • Cross-channel consumer tracking leading to real-time, in-context, tailor-made advice during the consumer journey
  • Unite all brands marketing activities in one omnichannel platform connected to the customer value cycle


  • Consumers find the bike that matches their preferences and needs in a more pleasant, convenient and effective way
  • Real-time analysis of behavioral consumer data leading to relevant product suggestions
  • Improved brand and bike engagement, customer services and local dealer involvement

About Accell Nederland

Accell Nederland opened a unique 10.000m2 Experience Center where people can get acquainted with the collections of their biggest Dutch bicycle brands, learn everything about the history of the bicycle and make a test drive on the longest indoor test track in The Netherlands. It’s their goal to make the purchase of one of their bikes convenient and fun with their new personalized customer approach of De Fietser.


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