Shoppers at the center
Applied technology for true personalization in online shopping
SphereMall makes shoppers the most important thing in shopping
  • icon Our algorithm sorts assortment based upon shoppers' preferences
  • icon Intuitively exploring new products makes online shopping more fun
  • icon The full online assortment is available in a convenient and effective interface
The ever growing online assortment results in poor findability of products
  • icon Digging through huge assortments makes online shopping time consuming
  • icon Current shopping interfaces are 100% functional and not convenient at all
  • icon The majority of the assortment is generic and irrelevant for individual customers
Our technology opens up new possibilities for online shopping image
We put relevancy into context
  • icon Real personalization needs context
  • icon SphereMall adds utility to express a shoppers' preference
  • icon Adapting the assortment to the shopper's needs