Sam Hamer

Junior Business Development Manager

Growing up at the beginning of the 21st century you cannot deny it; technology is everywhere! My first encounter with technology was probably with the well-known Microsoft Pinball game which I played over and over again.  Since then, technology started to play a prominent role in my daily life. I am really curious which developments will influence my life the upcoming years.

For me, the future is a place where the impossible is possible. By fantasizing about this, we will eventually make it happen. I am really glad I started working at SphereMall because I noticed everyone has this mindset. I really like to inspire our partners about the future of ecommerce together with the SphereMall-team.

Possibilities of the future  
I believe that SphereMall has a clear view on the way technology and commerce come together. Now, ecommerce is often just an additional sales channel. However, SphereMall acknowledges which role it will have in the consumer's daily life. By not thinking about the restrictions of the present, but thinking about the future possibilities, SphereMall creates the personalized ecommerce of tomorrow. Aspiring it together with a passionate team makes me extremely enthousiastic!

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