Noëlle Lageweg

Business Owner Intern

My name is Noëlle and I am a Business Owner intern at SphereMall. I just graduated my bachelor Economics & Business Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Before I continue doing my masters I am taking a year to develop myself in new and different ways and to gain more experience in the business world. I am very excited that SphereMall is the company where I can start this journey. I really hope to discover more about myself and my qualities and to learn a lot. I think SphereMall is the perfect place to help me reach these goals since it is such a young and dynamic company with a variety of different clients. I am excited to start this new challenge and I look forward to getting the best out of my self during the next half a year. I like to figure out the problems and or weak points in the current strategy of our clients and come up with refreshing and original solutions.
The ultimate form of personalization for me is a system that shows you exactly what you were looking for without before even knowing yourself what the features of that item really included.

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