Maurice van Drongelen

Partner Succes Director

I work in the digital industry for more than 15 years, something I really enjoy. Over the years I have worked at different companies. Most of them were quite big, others were small. For me, but also for the companies I have worked for, the way of digital success has always been a process with ups and downs. Over the years I have often faced the same challenges and I started to realize what leads to success and what prevents it. I visualized the vision for digital success quite sharply, but I never saw this vision in a product or service. However, when I got in touch with SphereMall and its vision and products, some pieces fell into place. I am convinced this is the future and with this, organizations can make a difference.

Building together
From my role as digital manager I cooperated a lot with suppliers. I noticed that in these collaborations there is a lack of sincere interest from the suppliers into the company I worked for. Regularly, the shown interest is superficial and we never talked about the structural value which the suppliers could have in the strategy of the company. I have always thought this could and should be different. At SphereMall I have got the opportunity to give my own direction to this and to build a team with which we structurally think along with the business of the client and give them valuable input from our expertise and by this really deliver added value. This totally fits within the vision of SphereMall.

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