Charissa van Breda


Being creative is something I am born with. I was always busy to design or create something. Technology and design are the ultimate combination to me. Both are rapidly evolving in different forms. I am glad to apply this knowledge and these developments in my work at SphereMall. Besides this, I am a huge fan of shopping, also online! I noticed that personalization is not very well applied at most websites and I like to change this.

When I started working at SphereMall, I straight away felt at ease. We work hard and simultaneously there is space for some craziness in between. This makes it incredibly fun and relaxed to create this product in which we believe. I strongly feel that this journey will bring us much further and I am extremely proud I may be a part of this.

Besides working at SphereMall in Breda, you often find me in the best and most fun salsa schools of Rotterdam. Salsa dancing definitely is my biggest hobby! As soon as it is weekend, I am always ready for a salsa party!

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