Bas Donkers

Chief of Science

prof. dr. Bas Donkers is a professor of marketing research at the Erasmus School of Economics.

His research examines consumer decision-making from a behavioural perspective and relies on the use of advanced quantitative analyses as well as various advanced market research techniques to establish new and ground breaking insights in the field. He published articles in the leading journals in the field including the Journal of Marketing Research and Marketing Science.

Christian was a student of Bas and also supported him with research during his study. Bas was already involved with where they worked together in the field of Advanced Recommender Systems. From the start of SphereMall, Bas has been heavily involved with the support on the scientific part. Since February 2017 Bas is officially part of the team as Chief of Science and works for SphereMall next to his scientific career. 

As Chief of Science at SphereMall, Donkers is working with the Data Science team, a highly talented and ambitious team ready for the 22nd century. With them, he makes the technology so that the product SphereMall can deliver true personalization. Christian and Bas specifically made the strategic choice not to appoint senior data scientists. We educate the right people with the right knowledge ourselves. What SphereMall builds is a complete proprietary domain that will be the new standard for applying intelligence in personalization. That's what SphereMall calls personalized commerce.

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