SphereMall has been nominated for a Dutch Interactive Award!

Posted Apr 5, 2017 by SphereMall


SphereMall has been nominated for a DIA in the category Brand for our 'De Fietser' case from our project for Accell Group! "We are extremely proud!", said Christian van Someren, CEO of SphereMall.


Interested in our case? 
Accell-Group is the parent company of brands like Batavus, Sparta and Koga. Late 2016, Accell-Group launched an additional brand ´De Fietser´, a digital platform in combination with a real-life Experience Center in Ede. The digital platfrom has been completely developed by SphereMall where, both in the architectural structure as well as the user-interface, the personal preference of the consumer is the starting point.

Your personal Fietserpas
What will you be needed your bike for? Will you be riding your bike to school or for sport? How far will you travel by bike every day? How important is the design, price and quality for you? These are just a few of the questions that are used in De Fietserpas on defietser.nl to determine the personal preference of a consumer. Our alorithm and intelligent proprietory software relates this personal prefrence to the characteristics of the available products, and makes it possible to offer the most relevant product offer, content and communication for the consumer.

...An now the fun can really start! 
The Experience Center of De Fietser (over 10.000 m2) is equipped with beacons, indoorwayfinding, an explusive app and combined with a Fietserpas will guide the consumer to their perfect bike-fit! Numerous bikes are ready to be tested on the large indoor testing track. This omnichannel apporach and application of AI technology allows the consumer to be more independent in their bike selection, reduce the buyer proces and, most important, providing a more fun and personalized shopping experience! Creating a brand new personalized commerce experience never seen before!

What was the client question?
On average a consumer will purchase a new bike every 7 years. Most often the purchase decision is determined by the available product offer that is present in the physical dealer near their location. Next to this, the consumer will usually also search online and familiarize themselves with a particular brand or set of brands. All compelling reasons for Accell-Group to introduce one independent platform, where a consumer can recieve a complete product offering independent of a dealer or brand bias. One location where they can communicate and advise their customers directly, and get to know them a little bit better personally. That is the ultimate purpose of De Fietser.

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